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Click here to view pictures by the children of Whalley's Church of England Primary School for the Farmer's Gate to the Customer's Plate.

We are Butchers of Bespoke Quality Meats in Whalley in the Ribble Valley catering for a diverse and varied range of customers from today's more flexible community in need of a convenient manner in which to purchase Bespoke Quality Meat. Our aim is to build relationships and mutual understanding with all our customers amplifying our collective love of meat in order give you exactly what you want, when you want it in your kitchen, without confusion.

All our meat is hung for perfect taste and texture with valid examples respectively of beef twenty-one days, lamb seven to ten days and pork five days with full 'Traceability' on all including Kosher and Halal meat, creating peace of mind for customers demanding greater food awareness.

S Tyldesley & Sons Bespoke Quality Meats also provide produce for the 21st Century cohering well with the more diverse customers needs. The customer no longer wishes to worry about where his or her food has come from, but also the content of there food. We offer Slimming World approved products already distributed at classes across the Ribble Valley and Lancashire stating the exact measure and labelled portions of each along with syn and gluten free produce appealing to the more health conscious members of you out there.

Also catering for Schools, Nurseries and some of the North West's reputable Restaurants and Hotels, with over 90 years in house experience based on a sincere love of meat. S. Tyldesley and Son Ltd. Bespoke Quality Meats will endeavour to provide you with the service you deserve.


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